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Welcome to FreeBar

FreeBar is an Open-Source Shortcut Bar with the Style of the Microsoft Office Shortcut Bar.

Why FreeBar?

Since Office 2003 the Office Shortcut Bar is missing in Microsoft's Office suite. Microsoft recommends the Quick Launch toolbar of Windows as a replacement. But this alternative did not convince me and many others.
If you have many icons in the Quick Launch toolbar next to the Start button, the space for running programs quickly becomes tight. A Windows toolbar at the top of the screen takes screen space permanently.

Because of these reasons, I developed FreeBar.

What can FreeBar do?

FreeBar behaves like the Microsoft Office Shortcut Bar. It docks on top of the screen and from here you can start your programs easily.
But FreeBar offers you a lot more features. It's the best if you take a look at the Screenshots page.


01-28-2008 - FreeBar

The new FreeBar version fixes two bugs of the previous versions. The update is recommended.
Download page

11-30-2007 - FreeBar

The new FreeBar version fixes some bugs of the previous versions and some operations run faster.
Download page

08-26-2007 - FreeBar

The new Version of FreeBar does not create any temporary Files now and yet another Bug has been fixed.
Download page

08-02-2007 - FreeBar

Several bugs of previous versions were fixed in FreeBar The update is highly recommended.
Download page

07-15-2007 - FreeBar

The new FreeBar version allows you to move the Toolbar to another Position.
Download page

05-29-2007 - FreeBar

With the new FreeBar Version you can move Buttons faster and it fixes another bug.
Download page

05-12-2007 - FreeBar

The new FreeBar Version adds a "Refresh" Button to the C Menu and fixes two Bugs.
Download page

04-09-2007 - Development site is up

The Development site is up now. It contains information on how to help developing or translating FreeBar.

03-16-2007 - FreeBar 0.9.2, now Open-Source and with a new website

Exact three years after the release of the first FreeBar version 0.9, version 0.9.2 is ready now.
It contains a lot of new features. But a special innovation is that FreeBar is now Open-Source under the GNU GPL. Therefore everyone can download the Source Code and make changes on it. These changes can be integrated into official FreeBar versions later on.
Download page

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